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Friday, August 04, 2017

How To Do A Reflection Photo in ToolWiz App

Many people are asking me how I do these water reflection photos.....

today I will give a little step-by-step that I invented for myself and so you can try it out. I am using an app on my cell or tablet.

First you download to your tablet or cell phone the ToolWiz app. You probably can put it on your computer as well. It is so great you will love it.  (I am not affiliated.) I just found it. It was on the Play Store.

Then you pick a photo that you like and go to the ToolWiz app and it will show choices, pick Pro Editing. Pick the photo and then go to effects at the bottom.

At first you will just mirror your photo, so just click on mirror and pick how you want to mirror it. Below you see that I made an error on this one as the little hawk got in too deep in the water so you cannot see the hawk really. In mirror you can slide the picture around as well. This was the first one I did and I usually am in a rush to get one thing finished and start something else.

Then you go to water reflection on the same effects page.

In water reflections you can choose a variety of different kinds of water.  You can change the setting and mask also. You can change the intensity of the water with a slider and you can use drop wave.

Please enjoy some of the water reflections that I have made for you today and some from the past.

Here is little Spunky the hawk as he was when I first met him.

There are many other kinds of filters you can put on your photos as well.  This one has an artistic filter of some kind on it.

This photo has a grunge filter on it above.

You can also do black and white photos.

Here I put the pebbled water below the eagle.

This is everyone's favorite photo below, mine too.

I hope you enjoyed my little Water Reflection lessons. Give it a try it is so easy! I am not a photographer and have had no training, these little apps are just for fun!

It is extremely hot here and a good day to play with photos inside as it is too hot outside! For two months I have focused my attention on my story of the hawk.  Now I will do a variety of things, something different each day! Below is a reflection of the sunset on a friend's boat window.

I am on Facebook so you can find me there, link in contact on the top. You can see my Island Rambles Fan Page and also my own Facebook. I have started on Instagram also so you can find my photos there also. I hope James likes all these reflections for Weekend Reflections!  Some are real and some are not.

I am having difficulty coping with the hot weather, it does not go well with leukemia, so I have cut down my social media and am having a rest.
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  1. Lovely images and very artistic Nora.

  2. Hello, these all look like fun edits. I love the eagles and reflections. The flowers are beautiful. Playing on the computer and your photos is a fun way to pass some time if it is too hot outside. I hope you feel well, take care. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. This works nicely. I love the "Sleeping Lady" photo.

  4. Thanks for the photo lesson and wonderful variety of nature photos ~ beautiful! ^_^

  5. Just so beautiful!

  6. There are so many great apps out there..I need one to add captions to my little videos that I take and for my mac if you know of one...Michelle

  7. I had no idea! That is a very cool APP.
    Lot's of great photos in this post also.
    Thanks Nora.

  8. These are incredible Nora -- the app, I am sure, is great, but it takes an artistic eye to know which picture to pick and how to play with it. You certainly have that. I hope your hot weather abates a little soon -- we had a week of hot hot and smoke from forest fires around Crater Lake (not near us, but the smoke drifted). it was nasty out -- but today was much much better. hopefully it will stay that way.

  9. Beautiful series.

  10. WOW! That is cool! I never knew that! Thank you! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  11. I have enjoyed going to each of your sites over many years, I think it is over ten years now. I will never forget how kind and supportive you have been to me. Thanks so much for these wonderful comments. I read each of them and I am very thankful to have you visit my site. I really am grateful to the bloggers who have stuck with me over many years now. I thank you for joining me on my journey into blogland and I will never forget the kind comments you have given to me.


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