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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Spunky Hawk of Sidney B.C. The Love Story

I wish I could give you the final story of the little hawk of Sidney, B.C. but......I would like to say this is the final chapter but...

.....I can't. Just as I cannot give you his actual birth story. I do not know the truth of either story, his birth or how he left. The eagles flew off and he may have flown off with them or he could be hunting in the fields nearby. I really wanted to do the final chapter but I think I will talk about the first part of his journey then and some of the theories that I have after being at the nest each day for two months and then looking at the photos closely as my own eyes are not so good on distance.

 (here you can see tiny portion of the hawk cuddled under the eaglet, these are terrible photos but all I have to show how close the hawk and eaglet would get)

The little red-tailed hawk was probably born around the first part of May, say around the 7th. He was spotted in the eagles nest in Sidney around the 28th and 29th of May. Two tiny hawk babies were spotted in the nest.They would have been around 3 weeks old then. One of the hawk babies did not make it. Then I first saw him around the 2 or 3rd of June I think.

Please click on the pictures to see larger.

The theory of how he got to the nest can vary. Did he get carried in with a sibling as food for the three large eaglets in the nest? Was he carried there with the grasses the eagles bring into the nest? Were eggs carried in the grasses? Or did the Red-tailed hawk that was seen in the nest around the time of egg-laying lay her eggs in the nest?
(the eaglet reaches out her wing to the hawk above)

I think they were brought in as food and one of the hawks babies did not make it or if the eggs were laid there, who incubated those eggs or were they ready to hatch out? Did the adult incubate the eggs or did an eaglet cover over them? In close up photos someone reported to me that the hawk may have had some injuries that healed over. Possibly he was carried in by the father eagle as food and he peeped so loud that the mother eagle got confused.

 (eaglet and hawk cuddled together)

My theory on how he survived his journey is all about a love story. There is the love and tenderness the adopted mother eagle (and father) showed to him but I have a theory that is a little different.

(whenever the eaglets preened the little hawk would also do his preening to copy whatever they did)

 I believe that one of the eaglets actually loved him and adored him. One of the eaglets was always at his side. He was always snuggled up to her. He went under her for warmth and slept.They were inseparable. This is who I called big sister in some of the videos. I think she was his substitute mother although the adult eagle brought in the food and fed him and stopped the other eaglets from eating the hawk.The sister eagle was the one that napped with him and kept him warm.

Later on when the hawk was much older and could fly, he flew in and surprised the eaglets at the back of the nest, some of the eaglets wanted to attack him, the mother flew in and one of the eaglets protected him as well I believe. So there was a little tussle but he was not hurt and just bounced to the front of the nest in his usual proud manner. He almost would announce "here I am and I am so wonderful!"

His constant peeping brought in the food from the parents so the eaglets hardly peeped. They were very mild mannered and the hawk usually was fed first as the mother identified him as the smallest eaglet who needed to grow up to be a big eagle in her mind.
(hawk and eaglet close together)

But why did the mother accept him so readily? She was full of hormones to feed her young. But what if she had been raised in a nest with a hawk in it as a sibling? What if she had previously raised a hawk baby and no one noticed?

What if the Red-tailed hawk mother had used an eagle nest to lay eggs in before? So many questions and so many theories. Or what if the Red-tailed hawk mother was raised in an eagles nest so she laid her eggs in the eagles nest? I wonder if they will all share the nest again?

All I know is that the little hawk survived because he was loved by the mother eagle and his sister eagle. He survived because he was so courageous and fearless. He survived because of that most wonderful of all things nature gives us, the will to survive and overcome all obstacles.

(hawk and eaglet so close together)

The hawk I feel flew off with the eaglets and eagles as he was so bonded to them. They were the only family that he knew.
I could be wrong and one day see him flying over me.

Slideshow Insert Here: It is best to watch this video in full screen as it is goes fast and pictures are split.

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  1. Hello, loved the story and all the wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  2. Anonymous10:43 am

    Nora, thank you for your posts and videos. I've followed them closely.

  3. It is a mystery that we can only speculate on.You do have wonderful pictures of this.

  4. This would make a wonderful book ~ beautiful photos and speculative stories ~ all very wonderful ~ ^_^

  5. Hi Nora. A truly amazing story with your photographs.

  6. Anonymous8:36 pm

    i like the fluffy babies

  7. Maybe you should write a book about their lives? You can tell it in a lovely way and the imagerie you need to go along with it you have plenty ;-)

    Have a ♥-warming AbC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-team)

  8. This story is one of the wonders of birds! Greetings from my island to yours!

  9. Nora, you got some wonderful photos of this rare occurrence. I saw this on the news just yesterday and remembered that you were watching this nest. Glad I'm came by to see your photos. It is a marvelous mystery I guess.

  10. What a wonderful documentary you have put together Nora...it really is a wonderful story.....Michelle

  11. It's such a wonderful story. I have to believe it had a happy ending when they all flew off and lived happily ever after.

  12. To be continued, I guess.

  13. WHat a wonderful wrap-up to this beautiful story! Thank you Nora. I loved the still pictures and the video!!

  14. Thanks so much for these wonderful comments. I read each of them and I am very thankful to have you visit my site. I really am grateful to the bloggers who have stuck with me over many years now. I thank you for joining me on my journey into blogland and I will never forget the kind comments you have given to me. You all have been a wonderful supportive group that has validated me and encouraged me. I will remember you forever.


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