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Saturday, September 02, 2017

August Weekend Photo Wrap-Up

Time for the weekly photo wrap-up....this week we.....

did so much and I have so many photos some are from the last two weeks. Ron went on another boat trip and shares these two photos with us. Top picture is the sunset over Sidney from Sidney Spit Marine Park and the picture below is sunrise from the same place.

We went up island and saw the Aerie way up on the Malahat below picture.

Ron took me to see my favorite place, Fisgard Lighthouse. This is the header on my blog also.

We went to Pedder Bay and saw two Halibut, actually the fisherman had three halibut around sixty, forty and forty four pounds.

A seal in the water was getting some of the left overs but we found out that the seals preferred the salmon.

I found a Red-tailed hawk out in Sidney but it looked too old to be Spunky the hawk, still was nice to see this hawk. It was very spooky and not tame like Spunky the baby hawk was.

Perhaps this is the hawk I took video of in 2015.

We saw the Dragon Boat Festival downtown.

This is what the original canoes in the inner harbour looked like. (From the B.C. Archives photos in the harbour).

We went to a Raven Rave party out in Sidney. The Ravens always have a party and we are invited each year. They love the corn fields and the pear trees out there. I love how they talk to each other with quite a lot of dialect and then they do that flying game where they fly together upside down. I always wonder what they are saying.

Late one evening we were in the farm fields in Sidney and so many geese came in, hundreds came in from all directions. Then something spooked them and hundreds of geese flew over us and the sound was deafening.

I missed Spunky the hawk so much and was so despondent and sad that Ron took me to the Pacific Northwest Raptor Centre in Duncan.  It was wonderful there and I took masses of photos but guess what?? We have had no rain for three months or something like that and as soon as the main show started, it rained, look see the rain below. I did not even have a plastic bag or anything to cover the camera! It was hot and sunny when we left home!

(a nice little Kestrel at the Pacific Northwest Raptors)

(a skipper at Island View)
Video Insert

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I  hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, but my thoughts go out to those who are in the disaster in Texas.
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  1. Beautiful!

    Those halibut look perfect.

  2. Fabulous - love all the birds - and oh my, that view was fabulous. Ummmm halibut - my favorite. Lovely post.

  3. So many interesting photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Thank you Nora. Great everything. When we return take us to the lighthouse. Having eagle and Spunky withdrawls

  5. Great shots! I love the little kestrel and your skies are beautiful. The archive photo is interesting.

  6. A collection of beautiful photos to round off the month. The sun rise reflection in particular caught my eye. Hope your hospital appoint the other week went well .

  7. Oh no! It WOULD choose to rain just then! I hope your camera survived the wetting. Love your photos.

  8. Hello, I love the beautiful sunrise and sunset photos. The lighthouse is beautiful. Great variety of birds, the kestrel is cool. Wonderful collection of photos and videos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  9. That's an adorable little kestrel. The Fisgard Lighthouse was a favourite place of our to visit while i Victoria. And what a gorgeous sunset photo, Sidney is another favourite place of ours to visit, usually at the end of our trip when we book into a hotel there, enjoy the stores and waterfront and leave very early the next morning,

  10. Th hawk is beautiful, what a stunning bird


  11. Anonymous10:31 am

    wow...what a stunning photo of the sun!!!!!

  12. Your photos are wonderful! I love the lighthouse.

  13. Beautifully captured!

  14. Great set of pictures - one day I may get to visit this part of the world - one day!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  15. Thanks so much for these wonderful comments, I will try to comment on your sites as soon as I get the time. I appreciate your understanding over the summer I was in the field and not able to comment on your sites as much. I appreciate so much the bloggers who have stuck with me over the many years, sometimes I comment a lot and at other times I am busy getting the video and photos and processing them so can not comment as much. It has been a long journey and I am truly grateful to each of the bloggers who have faithfully commented on this site.


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