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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Possibly Spunky? Young Red-tailed Hawk at Airport

We have been seeing a young hawk at the airport for a while now.

 This area is fairly close as a hawk would fly from the eagle nest in Sidney where a young hawk was raised by eagles.

I took these pictures and video today.

We never can get close to him as it is fenced of course. You can click on the photos and they get bigger.

 I cannot get a good picture or video of him as he is too far away. I found another hawk but he was older, a two year old.

It does not look like this one has red on his tail feathers but he is always far away. I cannot do an identification as my pictures are all blurry. I kindly need someone, a local person with a large camera lens, to go out there and get a photo of this hawk for id purposes.

There also is a mature Red-tailed hawk always there over in the tree area. I think there is a nest in there as we heard some hawk screaming there in the summer. So this young one could be a baby from another nest. I am hoping it is the young hawk from the eagle nest.

I have no idea or knowledge of the danger to hawks in this area from strikes but I know there always has been a lot of hawks in the area for years we have seen them there.  They do use trained raptors at some airports to scare away the birds. There is a lot of food in the area from all those fields. The young hawk seems to be always flying low and completely safe from the planes. He is there every day. This is not the older hawk that I got pictures and video of this is another hawk who is much younger.

So if any of the locals read my blog, kindly please go out to the east side of the airport near the Pat Bay Highway and take this young hawk's picture. Oh and then let me know at my Facebook or blog, twitter, instagram or email in the contact section above or however. Just post the photos somehow.  Thanks for your kindness.

Thanks also for the kindness of the comments here and at my Facebook Page.  We are at the letter "k" for kindness which we need a lot more of in the world today.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures and the video I do not have a long enough lens for the camera to get close to him.

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ABC Wednesday   Thank you to Melody We are at the letter "k" for kindness. This hawk may have kin here, I am keen to find out who he is. I do not have the know-how or knowledge to find out who he is!! That is my "K" selection.





  1. Hello Nora...I can't help you on the identification. I had no idea that they used hawks at airports. I know in some areas that geese are a problem and there are dogs trained to chase them...I hope you get an answer and that you are feeling ok....hug..Michelle

  2. Lucky person you are to have the opportunity again and again to capture these wonderful creatures!

    Have a splendid, ♥-warmin ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l  d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  3. Nice hawks pics. I have never been able to get any closeups of hawks. We have one at the back of our property that I have been trying to get pics of for months but no lucks.

  4. Good luck in your search for a close up of the hawk.

  5. I just don't think an airport is a good place for any of them to hang out. Wouldn't it be something if he is the one from the eagles' nest? I hope you can get a close up. Yes, I agree with you...we need more kindness in this world.

  6. Oh, I hope he doesn't get hit by a plane. And yet I hope it really is Spunky, as I don't know if anyone else has seen him recently.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. The new air traffic controllers!


  8. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments I read and enjoy each of them. I hope in time I will catch up and be at your blog soon with a lovely comment also.

  9. I'm here again...I was hoping there would be someone saying "Oh, yes, that's definitely Spunky" but, alas...


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