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Monday, September 25, 2017

Transforming, Learning and Changing

I am not keeping up with ...

everything or anything anymore. I am so far behind in all my expectations. I no longer can keep up with my blog and the lovely comments. I no longer can keep up with my Facebook and the lovely people there. Twitter and Instagram have been sitting neglected on the shelf for so long now.

I have a million pictures and videos and stories that I want to share. And that is just the social media part of life. I never will catch up. And then I got to thinking more and more about this. I can't do it all. I have to be able to focus on what is the main event of this life, what am I here for.

I have been thinking of women and the role women play in society today. Especially the expectations of women today. There are society's expectations of us and then their are those expectations we place upon ourselves. It is almost impossible to achieve the expectations that society places upon women today so forget about those. I think they are like fake news expectations anyway. I could never fit the mold of what is expected of a woman to be like. I had to make my own.

I think the generations of women who grew up after I did, say those who grew up in the eighties and later, are much stronger and had more freedom to be themselves as a human and not fit the role models of a invented by media woman. All the preconceived ideas of who a woman should be are mostly all derived from male oriented media advertisement anyway.

I think instead it could have been modelled upon a humanitarian concept and the goal would be to be the most human we could be in this lifetime not the most "woman" we could be. Perhaps that is why women are less inclined to be supportive of each other and why successful women are viewed differently than successful men.

I still have clinging to my mind the expectations that I was raised with and hear those voices in my mind. We all do. Now I am nearly finished with all of it, I am ready to transform. Or perhaps I am just acuity aware of the aging process and the finality of life. My own frailty. I want to cram it all in.  There are so many things that I want to accomplish now before my time is up.

I have given up on those dreams I had as a child and young girl because that is not who I am now and the world has changed. And I am changing and becoming more frail. (photo from Emily Carr House)

I have an endless tiredness that looms over me like a cloud.

My mind is flooded with creative ideas and the desire to learn more. But I cannot seem to put into motion and act upon the ideas I have right now. I still have so many dreams and I can actually see there is so little time. Many people my age just seem content to get old and continue their patterns. I am always in the process of transforming, learning and changing.

I have always been this way. Life has been my school and my education and I continue to be challenged with it. And like all creative people I periodically crash and burn before I transform to the next level. That is where I am now. Burnt out. I know the path I am on, it is just getting there that takes time. I am evolving.

So I may be blogging less and I will have less time for all those things that I used to do as I focus on some new adventures. I am so sorry I am unable to comment on your blogs and Facebooks as much.  All I can do is take you along for the ride with me.

I seem to be at my YouTube channel every day now as making videos is very soothing to me and so easy so you will always find a new video there each day. This is my Playlist at islandrambles YouTube where there are around 300 videos. I plan to now spend some time to do the longer videos as YouTube encourages me to make the longer ones. I hope I can do that. I find the creative media of video is a way to totally express ones self and want to learn it. This is what I do. There is so much for me to learn.

I am eternally grateful for the ability to share my work with the kind people who read my blog, suffer my YouTube movies as I learn and click my Facebook page, you are all dear friends. To my great joy the unexpected gift of the hawk project brought to me many kind and gentle souls who I will treasure forever. When you see a butterfly think of me, it is me.

I am on Facebook so you can find me there, link in contact on the top. You can see my Island Rambles Fan Page where I post every day and also my own Facebook. I have started on Instagram also so you can find my photos there also. I post a video every day on my Island Rambles YouTube Channel also.

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(these are the pictures I took this week above, this fellow below visited me with his brother all week,  I wish he had red on his breast then he would be rare)

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  1. I am staggered by the number of different social media to which you contribute. I find it difficult just trying to keep up with the blogging. For some time i have admired your stamina and zest for life. Your photos and videos have provided joy and knowledge in bucketfuls. Long may they continue.

  2. Hello, lovely post of bird, butterflies and blooms. Your photos are all gorgeous. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Absolutely beautiful photography ~ you are doing just fine and all one can do 'is what one can do.' ~ Maybe you are trying to do too much ~ the 'information highway' is ne'er impossible to keep up with ~ I hope you will try to be gentle with yourself ~ you bring beauty in your photography ~ thanks, ^_^

    (A ShutterBug Explores)

  4. I hear you, Nora.
    Sometimes Facebook really gets away from me. I've been fighting a bit of a bout of depression. I find, some days, that all the great things people are buying, or doing, or the places they visit really show me how little I do.
    I try to visit everyone who visits me on my blog. Many are simply posting weekly, and that is easier.
    Take care.
    Simply do what you want to do!

  5. Beautiful series of shots! And yes - we women have so many expectations and stupid norms put on us! It's time to break loose.

  6. I can totally relate to your story Nora, I had burn outs a few times, one quite recently. Take your time, go offline, just enjoy nature, family, or what is it that is most important to you at the moment, without needing to take photos or sharing and being online. It did me good, I'm back full of creative energy again and hope it can help you too to find your balance and energy again. Wishing you all the best, take care! (Beautiful photography by the way!) (Coming over from nature notes.) (And please don't feel obliged to pay me a visit back, I understand!)

  7. Much to think about here as I find myself in a similar state of mind. And I enjoyed your array of photos as I took in your thoughts.

  8. Thanks so much for each of these wonderful comments. I read them all carefully. I hope that my bloggers will get clicks to their blogs and new readers from the huge amount of hits I got and still get from the hawk project. I hope more people will start to read some of your lovely blogs and see your wonderful pictures also. I have been thinking of doing my eagle blog award again and doing a post of links before I close. I just came across the award Arija Garden Delights gave me years ago, she is gone now but still remembered. It was her birthday too.

  9. I think we are all too busy. I will find you on FB once in awhile. I need to rest too.....sigh, too much to do.
    Take care.

  10. Take care of yourself Nora -- that is the main thing -- do what you love the most. Thank you for all you've given us through your beautiful blog. I barely do FaceBook, but I will link to yours so that I can see what you are up to. I don't do any of the rest -- no time. I just do my blog once a week now -- it is easier to keep up that way and makes it fun again instead of a task.

  11. Nora..you really did such a wonderful job with the hawk and as one with health problems and limited energy, I know how wonderful yet taxing that was. You met so many people and I think that is the true reward of blogging is that you meet like-minded folk. I hear you about life and how short it seems from my end and I see myself able to do less and I am critical of myself because of it. But I am trying to find a place where I don't overdo and yet still feel that I am accomplishing something. I am sending hugs.....Michelle

  12. This is a very profound post, and I have been sitting here for the last five minutes just looking out the window at the clouds, and thinking about it. In my opinion, it's OK to have expectations - it gives us something to look forward to and to strive for. I think the key is that we should deliberately accept or reject the expectations, not just do something out of a sense of obligation. I can tell you, this is something that I am working on every day - old habits die hard!!! I hope you can find peace and enjoyment in the things that you want to do.

  13. You are one of the busiest people in blogdom (in my opinion), so it is easy to see why you would feel overwhelmed. It's good that you still have things you want to do, and to accomplish. I wish you all best Nora. You are such a beautiful person, both inside and out. Just do want you want, and don't worry about us. Cheers to you!

  14. I think that there is only one person who is important enough to take the best care of by you, yourself!
    All the expectations, anything and everybody have, can play a part in your life... but only if you choose to let them! Maybe you should try to let loose and just see what will happen spontaniously?

    The photo's are wonderful as always...

  15. Thanks so much for these wonderful comments.


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