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Monday, November 13, 2017

Great Birding Week

We have been having great birding here....

and all the eagles seem to be back at their nests. This pair are from the Oak Bay nest. A wonderful lady emailed me that the eagles are back in the Roberts Bay nest of the little hawk fame but no one has seen the little hawk. If he is a male, which everyone thinks he is, he should return to this same area and make a nest with his wife one day!

We had some excitement in the backyard this week. A Shrike came down and got an English House Sparrow! Normally I would be very upset but we have a lot of trouble with the English House Sparrows as there are too many of them and they take over other birds nests and food.They even attack other birds. Still it was sad to see but the Shrike has to eat as well. The Shrike stayed for about an hour or two. He carefully hung the bird in a few places till he found it agreeable, he then left it and sat on the tree. The other birds, especially the Hummingbirds were not afraid and they attacked him as much as they could. It was a National Geographic movie in the yard. I made video but it is too graphic. The birds all ganged up on the Shrike and they screamed and flew at him and he took his lunch and left and did not return. Oh he is a young one.

Then when we went to Cattle Point a kind young birder pointed out the Snow Bunting to me! I was so happy! This is my favourite bird, or one of the many.

In the backyard there is trouble. It is called Steller's Jays. They are eating all the food and scaring the little birdies. At first I liked looking at them but now they have figured out how to shake the bird feeder and empty it in one go. They are not scared of me and come right close to me too.

My Flickers are back! But the yellow-shaft has not come around yet. The regular one like below with the orange on it are really mean to the yellow-shafted one so perhaps he will not come this year.

The Humming bird called Nancy is guarding her food all the time now. It is a male I guess but because of his behaviour his name is Nancy which rhymes with the other bad name I call him. He will not let the other hummers come in and feed so he is called a bad name. He is very tame to me and sits on the deck all day and I can walk up to him. Each morning we have a discussion about his behaviour. It does not help.

We went looking for the Blue Jay again but all we found is a deer!

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  1. Welll you did have a good week. Lovely to see the snow bunting and how exciting to watch the drama of the shrike performing in front of you.

  2. I LOVE how you refer to being a National Geographic backyard this week!! Excellent images.
    Thanks so much for sharing and adding your link to this post at I'd Rather B Birdin'....it's always appreciated Nora.

  3. Wow, awesome birds and gorgeous photos. I love them all, but the Shrike is one of my favorites. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. Love seeing that eagle!

  5. Anonymous11:18 am

    A great collection of photos! We also have Steller Blue Jays but they do not seem to be particularly interfering with the smaller birds.

  6. These are some fascinating and gorgeous critters! What a variety of birds.

  7. wonderful photo's of gorgeous creatures... what a gift isn't it that we may enjoy their being here

    Have a splendid ABC-Wednes-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  8. Great set of pictures - I did not know that Shrikes took prey that big.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, dear friends. I hope I can get to your pages soon and read them when I am not ill and have the time and energy to check up on all my dear friends here. I do hope you get some new readers also when you leave a comment on here people can click to your site easily.


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