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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Alone Poems

Poems today for someone who never knew me and someone who knew me.

i sat alone
watching you
from where i was
out of a corner
in my past mind
you seemed to nod
knowingly and fine
i thought i knew you.

it is raining outside my window
i won't close it though
i like to hear rain on cement
it sounds black somehow
and empty .....

it rained and
he gave me an orange.

(living near Granville Street in Vancouver in a rooming house alone as a teenager, in love with a boy who I watched in the window at a Health Food Store but it was a pointless thing so I wrote a poem)


Poem for the Lily

i drank
the sweet nectar
of dew
strung like a pearl
upon the flesh
of a pale rose

i remember you

(for someone I loved very much as a young girl trying to go to school and find a home, someone who took me home and cared for me as I had no home, she was as lovely as a pale lily or a pale rose)

©poems by Nora Flower as a young girl

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  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful poems. I like that he gave you an orange!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Sandi!


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