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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Little Dreams of Kings and Queens

Today a little story about meeting a King and Queen.....

This is a continuation of another blog post I did here....The Day I met Charles and Diana

Royalty still plays an important role in society. We all need role models, people to believe in and to look up to. People who are our symbols of our love of our country and our heritage. They tie us to our roots. There will always be some primitive part of our soul that responds to the emotional anthems that we sing.
For me personally royalty was a bridge, a bridge between my past and my future.

You can see my other story on Princess Diana here.

It was an unreal feeling to be standing in front of Parliament and a King and a Queen. Having the Premier reading out my letter like a speech. I wondered afterwards, did it really happen, was it real. Everything about that day seemed unreal. Like a dream. Of course our family was all together then. The circle was unbroken.

It was many years ago now in 1988. My family and I were gathered in the Rotunda room, dressed to the nine's awaiting our meeting with the King and Queen. We are not in any of these photos but the photos were taken at this event.

This story is about the Kind and Queen of Sweden.
It was always my mother's dream to meet the King and Queen of her country. She emigrated from Sweden in the 1920's. The children, all eight of us, were born here, Canadian citizens.  But, somehow, I always felt the tug and pull of my other heritage - my Swedish roots calling to me. Never will I truly know who I am until I discover what it is that my country holds for me. A past that is somehow subconsciously remembered, my ancestral past.

I wanted to make my mother's dream come true for her and I did. To my surprise in doing this for her, I benefited as much myself.  It was an emotional moment for me as I watched Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustav shake hands with my mother. Tears came to my eyes as I watched my tiny son shake hands with his heritage. I felt this strong tie to a homeland I would never see, to relations I would never meet, to a country I would never know.

In some great way this moment made peace with all my longings to see my roots, where I had come from. I felt I had recognized and validated my mother's life and in so doing I had validated and recognized my own life. I felt proud that I had bridged that gap between my dual heritages. In celebrating my mother's life and dreams, I had achieved an acceptance of my own immigrant background. I felt it was o.k. to be the child of a poor Swedish immigrant. I was proud of my parents role as pioneers who helped settle this country and make it what it is today.

©Written by Nora Flower many years ago

(edit note:  I had written to the Premier of our Province and he had responded to me and set up the meeting for me many years ago. I helped my mother to give flowers to Queen Silvia. Those are the flowers she is holding in the photos. I actually made the bouquet myself for some unknown reason. For privacy reasons I did not include the photos of my mother, myself or my family at this event. Thanks for letting me share a memory!)

This post is part of the post I did on meeting Princess Diana. I seem to like meeting these people and I like to give them flowers, mostly from my garden.

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newspaper clippings below as my mother and I were interviewed.


  1. Now that is a lovely story! I don't have Swedish roots, but this is my adopted home and I now have double citizenship.

    1. Yes I know, thanks Fi, I love your blog.

  2. How very exciting, and I felt as if I was there too! Thank you for sharing this story of your personal encounter. The King and Queen are quite a handsome couple.

    1. thanks so much Cynthia! yes it was very exciting.

  3. Absolutely wonderful story, Nora. I love what you did for your mother, and I love what it did for you. Love is a circle, isn't it? Oh yes, I must tell you I blogged about your eagles this week. Hope you don't mind. :)
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