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Monday, December 04, 2017

Very Exciting Birding!

This week has been Very Good for birding...

even in the backyard! The hawk has been sneaking in but never seems to get anything.
The Jays are back and come every day to raid the feeders so I have trained them not to empty the hanging feeder and they are being very good about it or they get loud noises. I let the leaves stay on the ground for a while for the photos.
The little Towhee who is a ground feeder has decided that he wants to eat from the feeders now like the other birds.

 The Juncos and Golden Crowned Sparrows are happy when they see me coming out.
Sometimes I set up the photo by putting in the leaves I like, I liked the red leaves so I put some there.

 On this photo I had set my shutter speed too high for the light.
 Flicker is back also.
The swans are back and in the fields. Some bring their new babies.
The highlight of the week has been the eagles out at Goldstream. I guess there were around 40 or 50 eagles there at times.
 We mostly  have had the weather like below in the rain.

Then we went to Sidney and there always is this little baby hawk out at the airport. He is a great hunter and he has a little mole or mouse at his feet here. He just flew down and picked it up.
This could be the hawk from the eagle nest but I will never know. It is about a mile away. He does not fly up high only low, he is very well trained to avoid planes so I think he will be fine. A plane flew over and he stayed motionless and then flew to the ground. I wish I could ask him who he is.

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  1. Wonderful set of pictures.

  2. I'd call that very, very, very good birding - lovely photos and the rain makes a good backdrop for pics!
    Wren x

  3. Does anything look sadder than a bird of prey on a rainy day?

  4. LOVE that flicker image! And yes, a real treasure in your backyard. Oh, to have a hawk in my own back yard....dreaming of such a day.

  5. A wonderful set of photos. Thanks for posting them.

  6. How cool that you have trained the jays to not eat from the hanging feeder. I've never heard of someone training a wild bird in that way.Lots of great pictures of all your birds. Do you have trouble with squirrels at your feeders? It's constant battle for me. We have hickory trees on our property so the squirrels like to hang around.

  7. Lots of great photos. I enjoyed watchong the ospreys.

  8. Great birding is right! I hope someday to take pictures like these, but for now I am enjoying yours. And so happy to hear you saw so many eagles!!!!

  9. Gorgeous photos Nora! I also enjoyed the videos.
    I wish we had some those beauties around here.

  10. Oh wow Nora...lots of birds...I leave the leaves as the juncos hide in them when the hawks come in and it has been every day since this September....lovely videos too...Michelle

  11. Hi Nora. It certainly was a wonderful day of birding. I've had fun catching up on your posts (we've been away) ... all the wonderful nature pictures and descriptions and your short story about the assassanation of President Kennedy.

  12. Oh, how lovely is that rainy day moody black and white shot of the forest with the eagle way up high on a branch. Hahaha … I also like how you staged the leaves and the birds seemed to cooperate by posing there. Nicely done!

  13. Enjoyed these photos very much...beautiful and I love to see which birds we share with you here in Ontario and Newfoundland (where I am from). I am esp. impressed with those eagle photos! I occasionally see one but never more. Beautiful videos. I followed two nests last year via Youtube, barred owls and osprey. I loved it. Happy Birding!

  14. Thanks so much for these lovely comments. I appreciate them so much. I have not been able to comment on many blogs lately but I will try over the holidays to catch up.


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