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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Poems: Tired Land of Visions Ice Queen Valley

Poems I wrote a long time ago, but they apply to....

me today!

So Tired (Tired of Cancer)

the time is zero
the hour forgotten
lost day yesterday
"who am i"
and who is she
she walks with heavy steps
she moves without quick strength
and i can feel no power
that is controllable
to me
i ask her why she is so
but she can only say
it is being tired.

Written long ago but now I am So Tired of Cancer. We are at the letter z for the ABC meme, so zzzzzz is how tired I am and here are my tired little poems.

Why do I have Cancer

Why Did I Get Cancer

I am the new age health nut
I do my daily meditation
before i go out and run
I jog for fitness
or is it stress
I ride my bike
I go out and hike
I do my yoga and Ti Chi
acupuncture and massage therapy
holistic health that's for me
even tried foot reflexology
I took the EST classes
with all the other masses
and I am a health food fanatic
the kind that never gets sick
I even take my vitamins so
I'll live a long long time~ I know
because I exercise my heart
but tell me when does living start
and why did I get cancer! What is with that.

written a long time ago but I  changed it and now call it the cancer poem and I really did not do all those things it just seemed to rhyme better with them

©poem by Nora Flower

Land of Visions in a Tired Mind

today just to think
would be a pleasure
but the mumbling
jumbling giant finger
weaves it's way
through my muddled head
thinking incoherent thoughts
of Zen and Ginsberg
little less than that
little more is real
when the machine mind
boggles in its security
and one finds oneself
wandering aimlessly along
the well-trodden path
of this is the way signs
forgetting the waves
lapping on the brain shore
What lies beyond
where you lie
untouched, untraveled
land of visions?

(I am so tired of leukemia so this poem works for me now and I wonder what the next step will be like and if I will see the land of visions.)

The Ice Queen

tears are few
for the hard
hearted harlot
she holds her lips
in a grimace
her eyes glassy
like cold stones
on a shore
but i love
the ice queen
a little
perhaps because
she is like me
so cold

The I Am Lost Poem:


i am crazy
helping the sun come out
it's trying so hard
as birds chirp dew from branches drips to
sodden earth seven o'clock morning grey
city quiet like a forest of shuttered houses
each minute is a life time unending
she asked me why i am this way
i heard only the whisper of forgotten memories
her face was a statue in ice clear white
all tells me of myself in respect to you
you even say words but meaning is lost
as i am.

Cracking up
cracking up
I am trying to glue my life together
with crazy glue
but it just keeps falling apart again
am I going crazy or am
I just cracking up?

Letters to "Valley"

threads tie people together
whispers hold them apart
talking can ease the soul
but crying causes strain and
many small crystal pains
so as to not tear up this
beautiful garden friendship
i say be with you in the hour
of the separating of the red sea
to see Sodom and Gomorrah
staring back at me.

Tuesday to Valley
everything is all right now
they whitewashed the sky
even my life has no strings left untied
the night is not dark for me to hide in
the day sees through my mirrored soul
my body left upon this wasted shore
remotely interior
extremely exterior
forethought foreshadowed
in great minds alike
figuratively familiarity
groups all alike all together
numbers new now nowhere
for life loves not the beginner.

I use the name Valley for a another dear friend who took me home and cared for me as a very young teen in Vancouver.  I thank her and her family very much for caring for this strange little girl who had no home.

The Question of Knowledge

a question of knowledge
we talked of her, to talk through her was easier
she became the dagger to the script
lines she quipped yet i never got through
to you i said i felt pain, you became mute
she said what quietly, and it was cold
standing there alone at night
without the right prop
then we two left you i believe we ran.
the rain sprinkled down our backs
and strange men walked behind us.

(written as a young teenager walking at night)

©poems written by Nora Flower as a young girl

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ABC Wednesday for the letter Z as zzzzz is the symbol for how tired I am and my tired little poems

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  1. These poems are so poignant Nora

  2. wonderful ones. Indeed if I read poems of myself from years ago... It feels like I just wrote them

    Happy NEW YEAR
    Have a splendid, ♥=warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y (ab-w-team)

  3. Cancer SUCKS, to use a word my wife hates.

  4. You've written very powerful poems, Nora. I hope they eased your soul as you wrote them. Peace and joy to you.

  5. Thanks so much for these lovely comments. I will reply on each of your blogs as time permits. I appreciate your comments so much.


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