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Monday, January 01, 2018

Poems Written in School

The Poems today are poems I wrote in elementary school.

The Tin Soldier

when i was a little girl
i read a fairy tale
all about a tin soldier
who lost his leg in the war
very courageously
now when the children
came to play games of battle
they never touched
my poor tin soldier
who could not stand
upon the battle field
without his tin leg
all day he gazed
at the pretty ballerina
who twirled upon one leg
in the jewel case.

(she had one leg, perfect for him!)

I did not like school so I wrote poems in school.

Mind Poem Number One

in school:

i learnt of mental illness
in school
behind the iron bars
and hideous thoughts
of mental illness
all i saw was
the flys wings
in the closed venetian blind
i feel like the fly
caught in your closed mind.

poem written in elementary school as a child

I did not do well at elementary school until I got glasses at a higher grade. I was IQ tested and the teachers called my parents to come in. I thought I would get the strap or something but I had tested at a high level. I still hated school, it did not make any difference. But school was a safe place. I had dyslexia and had to stay at school as many letters like "b" and "d" look the same to me but in those days dyslexia was not diagnosed. I stayed after school and wrote out pages of bad d and bs.

Dance Insanity

sliding down eternity's knoll
we grasp each others
transparent fingers
and turn to glass
floating upon an opaque sea
smothering the world of reality

becoming one we dance
on tiptoes of phosphorous
and laugh in the hollow
of echoing insanity
realising nothing.


How I Hate School

the naked bulb of the sun
head bowed and wish less
the manufactured air
the drab window pane
decorated with dirty snow
a swollen grey sky
inside the numbered room
held by a numbered desk
my eyes seek shelter
my mind enlightenment
my soul repose
the unkind supervisor confiscates
my reality, i flee to a single place
to look upon perspective
in a truer light
caught caught in the wings
in rows of vegetation
barracks, signposts, the forgotten ones
all asleep in dumb silence
the done is not the doing.

the snow drips to empty places

©poems by Nora Flower as a young girl, in school I did not pay attention I wrote poems and stories, but a lady from one of the elementary schools I attended recently sent me a story of mine they had published in their newspaper, I did not even know.

Photos taken at the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society, Goldstream and Butchart Gardens

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  1. These poems are beautiful. You have such talent.
    I hated school as well. My first grade teacher in Payson, Arizona in 1960 started her teaching career before Arizona was a state (literally.) Her favorite discipline was slapping kids full in the face.

  2. Wonderful poems. I hated school too!

  3. it is so wonderful that u have all these poems still and now you can share them. i did really ike school either because from 3 years old I wanted to be a nurse and it was only a means to that end.

  4. Thanks so much for these lovely comments. I will reply on each of your blogs as time permits. I appreciate your comments so much.


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