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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Juan de Fuca

Almost all the photos I take of beaches and ocean scenes are of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
There is a little story about.....

the naming of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

So the history books say it is named after the Greek pilot and seaman Juan de Fuca (whose real name was Apostolos Valerianos of Cephalonia).  That is true.

There is no official record of the voyage in 1592 that Apostolos or Juan de Fuca took.  It is said that the Viceroy of Mexico sent the old seaman on a mission to find the northwest passage. But no record of it was kept.

In around 1596 an Englishman, a trader, met an old fellow in Venice that told him such a story, a tale of how he found this wonderful land and the straits.  So the Englishman published this information in 1625 as all good Englishmen do.

In 1787 Captain Barkley of the Imperial Eagle (what a great name for a ship, love that) came to the area and named the strait for Juan de Fuca as all of his info seemed to be perfect.  I guess the name Strait of Apostolos does not sound so good.  But Captain Barkley believed the information that the old seaman had given the English writer was all in good standing, so I believe he did sail up here and discover this paradise.

Sadly in his own time old Apostolos was scoffed at, neglected, misunderstood and all his info was doubted or ignored.  He never knew that forever more we would be saying his name and placing him on all our maps.  This is so often the way, that in your own time you are worthless until some time farther on someone discovers you were right all along.

On April 30th, 1792, it was a lovely warm spring day here and Captain Vancouver sailed with two ships, Discovery and Chatham to this wonderful paradise and that is why we now have Southern Vancouver Island bordering the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
I think Captain Vancouver only lived till he was around forty.  The Royal B.C. Museum has a painting of him that they discovered recently but they are not sure if it is him or his brother as there are few pictures of him.

(this info may or may not be as correct as everyone likes it to be but that is the way it is in my mind.)
These videos all show the Strait of Juan de Fuca:

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  1. Hi Nora! Your photos were great, and even better when enlarged.
    The same goes for the videos. You live in such a gorgeous area.
    I need to get back up there.

  2. "Sadly in his own time old Apostolos was scoffed at, neglected, misunderstood and all his info was doubted or ignored. He never knew that forever more we would be saying his name and placing him on all our maps."


    That is so cool.

  3. a man before his time///

  4. I didn't know any of that history but what a wonderful place to live. I have watched each video the sounds taking me back to past memories...Lovely Nora...Michelle

  5. Your images make we wish to go and travel away ;-)

    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♪ (ABC-W-team)

  6. I love the history, and the sound of the waves crashing in the videos. We are far from the ocean here, and it is refreshing! I was really struck by your comment that 'in your own time you are worthless' - it is true, and perhaps that is a lesson to all of us to find value in each person we encounter in our daily lives!

  7. Got to love those Eagles! Cool videos.

  8. Thanks for the great bird shots. My wife and I, accompanied by five companions, will be heading to Vancouver Island in three weeks time to do some birding there. It will be out third time doing it - always very enjoyable.

  9. I probably knew about Apostolos and the Strait of Juan de Fuca many years ago, but your column and videos seem new to the elderly me. I was born on the West Coast of BC but grew up in the Okanagan. The day after I graduated from high school in Kelowna (really, the day after!) we moved to White Rock. A couple of years later, however, I was offered a job at the daily paper in Kelowna, so I went back. I can't remember the details of my reasons for returning to the coast (something about a boyfriend, and the family dog dying) but I do remember saying to my parents, "It's so wonderful to see the ocean again. That Okanagan Lake just sits there and does nothing!"
    Thanks for the history lesson, and the videos (scary, those!)
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. Thanks so much for these lovely comments. I will reply on each of your blogs as time permits. I appreciate your comments so much.

  11. The name Strait Apostolos sounds nicer than Juan de Fuca to me. I wonder why something thought it was important to change the guy's name, and if he, himself, called himself that.


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