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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Weekend at Genoa Bay, B.C.

This week we went to Genoa Bay, B.C. and it was so amazing....I will show you the pictures here...

Every time we go there it is exactly the same and so perfect.  The weather always seem to be sunny there and it is so quiet and relaxing. To me it is like going home, going to a place that always remains the same. It was a warm and sunny day for us. We were going somewhere else but ended up here.

I like it when the tide is really low.  These are the Genoa Bay Marina docks that I love so much.  They are kept so spotless and beautiful.  The people there are so friendly also, I guess they are the people who own the dock that I chat with each time. It is a tiny place and feels more like a small community of some kind. It is in such a safe protected little bay.

There is an excellent restaurant there also.  Best to make reservations I think as it is one of the best restaurants around the area. We have yet to eat in it but I hear it is amazing, next time we will do a tour inside the restaurant and see what they can cook up for us. It is a busy fun place and the menu does look so inviting.

I guess it is about an hour and a half drive from Victoria to get there and it is just off Cowichan Bay.

It was named by an Italian for his home in Italy.

 These are for The Weekend in Black and White above.

There is something about the crystal clear water that that provides the best reflections for me each time I am there.  These are for Weekend Reflections.

There was an eagle in the trees just above the parking lot and lots of birds around the trees there. In the spring we see a lot of different birds there.  I like the Rufus Hummingbirds that I see there.

For Sky Watch Friday above.

 For Saturday's Critters above.

 For The Bird D'Pot two little birds, one above is a Ruby Crowned Kinglet and below is a Merganser.

And here is a creeper that creeped in!

I did another post on Genoa Bay in the past here  Genoa Bay

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  1. What a gorgeous place, I can see why you don't want it to change and I hope it never does. Beautiful, crystal clear photos as well. It looks like all those places are built right on the water.

  2. It’s such a beautiful place and your pics are just gorgeous Nora xx

  3. What a beautiful place. Great photos. I really love the boats and their reflections.

  4. Wow - those blues and perfect reflections are just gorgeous!

  5. Love this! Looks serene. A nice place to get away to.

  6. That water looks like a glass mirror. I envy you that glorious blue sky.

  7. Hi! Your photos are very beautiful. I want to go there in a future.

  8. What an interesting place, beautiful, too. The boat in the larger picture is an impressive vessel. I love the photo of the kinglet head-on in flight -a very unusual shot. The merganser is always worth a smile with its slicked back hairdo. And creepers are so sweet in their understated way.

  9. You do take such interesting trips all over the island. I hope to get my husband out this summer to go further a field to see something different. Lovely images. Been enjoying your images of Buchart Gardens in Victoria.

  10. Lovely shots! I really like your second black and white.

  11. EXCELLENT bird sightings!! And, beautiful scenes from your days' adventure.

    For all the beauty & photos shared, I thank you for adding your link this week at I R B B.

  12. Hello, what a beautiful place. I love the floating homes, I would like to stay in one some time, just to see what they are like. Love the sweet Kinglet and the Creeper. Great birds, photos and scenery! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  13. I love that photo of the Ruby Crowned Kinglet!

  14. I love those beautiful reflections in the water!!

  15. What an amazing place to visit. Love the reflections. That is a wonderful shot of the Kinglet!

  16. Lovely shots! Looks and sounds like a great place to visit.

  17. This looks like a beautigul and peaceful bay, Nora. I blogged about Genoa, Italy's very busy seaport--quite different. I wonder if the people who named the BC Genoa Bay were from Italy?

  18. Beautiful place -- a floating home would be so wonderful; it is amazing that the weather always seems to be nice there -- wouldn't it be wonderful to live there? And not too far from Victoria, in case you got tired of calm and peace and blue skies and water, you could get to the City. (Actually sometimes you do need City things, so it's good not to be too isolated.) I'd love to visit Genoa Bay.

  19. Beautiful sharing.

  20. Thanks so much for these lovely comments. I will reply on each of your blogs as time permits. I appreciate your comments so much.


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