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Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Wonderful World

Oh it is a wonderful world out there right now...Spring and Summer to come...warm days filled with birds, flowers and sunshine!

I don't get out amongst the people of the world very much but I am always with my friends in nature.

The deer, the birds and the butterflies are all my friends.

Each tiny element of nature is precious to me.

As I sit with nature we share quiet times of solitude. There is no need to speak. I may see a deer or other animals and our eyes will meet. I do not see fear there from my forest friends. I only see love.

The birds sing to me, bring their babies to me and perform ballets and wonderful forest dramas for me. Birds and butterflies will land on me, deer sleep not far from my clicking camera when I am out in the field taking my photos.

It is in these secret moments that nature and her abundance lets you truly see her. It is a secret hidden world only for some eyes to see. It is in these moments that I truly feel at home and that I belong somewhere.  I only wish I could just see this side of life and not the other side. I wish my heart could go on and on loving nature.

Thank you for allowing me to let you peek inside my world. Thank you for sharing my dream with me for so long now. I live in a dream that I share with you here and I thank you so much for coming to dream with me. My dream is almost over but it is so hard to let go when there is such a wonderful world out there.

I had a dream that you would all come and you all came to be in the dream with me.

A reflection of life on the sea below, perhaps all life is a reflection of our own dreams that we cling to in order to carry on. I try to carry on as best I can with my eternal gratitude to you my readers, friends and supporters.

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French Beach 3 below

flicker at feeder 2 below

hummingbird on deck 7 below


  1. Thank you for the window onto your world. Such peaceful nature photos.

  2. Grogeous blossom butterflies adnDeer and the sunset is stunnning Nora. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Such amazing, beautiful photos! Nature is obviously aware of your love, and returns it. Thank you for allowing us to share.

  4. Nature is the great constant in our lives.

  5. Hello, gorgeous butterflies and lovely flowers. Your sunset captures are beautiful. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  6. These scenes lifted my heart and gave it a hug. :) Thanks.

  7. Flowers and butterflies, two of my favorite things. Enjoyed the deer and the videos.

  8. Hi Nora!Beautiful and sweet pictures!Those flowers are stunning!Have a lovely Sunday!Hugs!Maristella.

  9. No matter how long I stroll this Earth I will never be able to experience the closeness you have with nature. A beautiful, up lifting post. I send you a huge cyber hug my friend.

  10. Always peaceful and calming photos. Thank you Nora. Heaven will give us more of the beauty we so enjoy here. ❤️

  11. Truly fabulous photographs. Amazing to see those flowers and butterflies. All the best :D)

  12. I believe animals come to trust us when we spend time with them and they find there is nothing to fear. You have clearly mastered this art. The buck with the budding antlers is my favorite of this group! Thanks for sharing with us!

  13. I also feel the closeness and hug of nature - the animals, the insects, the flowers, the trees, the rocks...All of this makes me feel close to God, the creator. I'm in no hurry to leave this life but I feel an assurance that the other side will be even more life, not less; more love.
    I don't have face time with deer, but the little chipmunks, who live around our house, often stare at me and scold me for infringing on their territory! I think one of them ate some broccoli transplants. I was surprised it wanted broccoli. I saw a hummingbird feeding at the Bleeding Heart - didn't know they would. Always something new to learn and marvel at.
    Your photos always cheer my heart.

  14. Great set of pictures. For some of us, its autumn into winter - but it's still great!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  15. Wow - so gorgeous!

  16. Beautiful series.

  17. You live in a beautiful world Nora. Thank you for sharing it with us! (Love the teen-age eagle picture... so much better than I have ever gotten) and the flowers and all of the birds are amazeing.

  18. Thanks thanks thanks! for these wonderful happy comments to me! I really loved reading them and I try to follow up and go to your blogs. If you are a Google+ I cannot comment and if I am on the tablet I cannot seem to comment. I am doing my best to continue to post and to read your blogs.


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