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Friday, May 25, 2018

Amazing Beach Art!

Today I want to share some incredible beach art. Click to see them all.

All these delightful little and large creatures were created and dreamt of by a skilled and talented artist called Paul Lewis of Paul Lewis Art Gallery.  (I found his Facebook Page thing)

He is sharing his work to the world at Esquimalt Lagoon, Victoria, B.C. on the beach. It is not sponsored by anyone but him. It is not often an artist will just give his work to the world to enjoy and love so I become very intrigued. I wanted more....who is this and what is happening here...I don't usually do this kind of post but have to make an exception here....hope he does not mind me doing a post, I will let him know.

Each of his creations really touches my heart. I guess they are sculptures. To me they are pieces of nature speaking out to us....from those that cannot speak.

Paul said he makes these creations right there on the beach!

 Sky Watch Friday

He uses the beach driftwood that is available on the beach. (I had a dear, sweet friend on Facebook recently upset about our beaches when she looked at my pictures and realised that many people and some of my readers do not know what driftwood is when they live in Europe or far away in another country. I have some far away readers. So I will explain, our area was built on the logging industry and our beaches have a lot of what we call driftwood on them, pieces of wood washed up by the ocean and storms. And it is ok, don't be upset.)

He creates these designs out of his mind and dreams I guess. I really really like his wild imagination and the special creations he makes. They are actually very skilled works of art in the details and the mood of each bird.

It is like he is telling us a story without words but with symbols.

I was so sad and lonely until I found all this beach art. I had given up on humanity but now I can see some hope. All the visitors to the beach art seemed to have been given some great message by this explosion of creativity and obvious love of nature...

 For The Weekend in Black and White

All the people on the beach were amazed and everyone gathered together, talking to strangers and it was like there was something happening to each person and each child as they stood by the sculpture. There was something historical or something from our past that we all recognised...some collective memory. People came from all over the island to look and see the sculptures.

The municipal powers told him not to put anymore sculptures. What is with that? They should be giving him an award. I do not understand why anyone or any municipality would object to the most creative and joyous expression of nature given to them as a gift. What is with that.

I think the artist has a local gallery and also is available for private works, check out the Facebook link above.

I see Colwood has put a page of his work on their site.

At the end of my tour of the art, I noticed there was someone standing with a group of children on the beach and entertaining them with special marbles and stories so of course I went up to talk to him and it was Paul!  Yay! I think he was going out paddle boarding after making one of his creations. I took his picture too, of course as I am a huge fan! I bombarded him with many questions as I am prone to doing. He was very kind and posed for me on this hot summer day.

This whole thing, the whole display of someones creative mind and their intense love and study of nature has put me in a great mood. I am having a difficult time right now with my leukemia and this was the exact medicine I needed to get through some hard times. Many thanks to the artist Paul.

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waxwing below IsView 1

Grosbeak 2 at feeder below

hummer on deck 5 below


  1. Love the beach art! We have a local mural project and you wouldn't believe how many citizens complain about it on Facebook! Nora, I wish you the best as you recover your health.

  2. Wow - that beach art is amazing!

  3. Much better to have driftwood than "drift-plastic" which is what we seem to have more and more of these days. And better still if someone like Paul is on hand to create something worthwhile from the driftwood. I really enjoyed these photos.

  4. These are amazing sculptures! They are wonderful in black and white or in colour. He is a very talented man. Thank you for showing these to us.

  5. Wow that beach art is incredible. I have seen creative people do amazing things with so called "found objects" like driftwood. Last summer somebody did some stacked rock art in the shallow water of the Arkansas River. Amazing such towers they built with just the rocks they found on site and balanced precisely.

  6. Hi Nora! How did you find a hot summer day in May already? Oh, sure, we have them out here on the flat, flat prairie, but a summer day in May is to be treasured on the Coast or on the Island.
    These sculptures are amazing. I am going to send a link to my young brother, who is an artist of an entirely different sort, but who would appreciate these driftwood sculptures even more than I do. When he was young, he would create huge sand sculptures on the beach in our hometown, White Rock, BC. Of course the problem with sand sculptures is the tide, so the work is temporary, ephemeral.
    I cannot imagine why 'officials' are annoyed with these driftwood sculptures...they are gorgeous, and reflect my home province in a way few other things can, except perhaps totem poles (the old ones).
    I could go on and on about this wonderful blog post, Nora. I'm so sorry you were feeling badly and so pleased these beautiful creatures brought you up and out of a bad place.
    Hugs from here,
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Beautiful installations! The image of birds is very faithfully represented.

  8. Wonderful sculptures.

  9. Totally cool that this artist displays his work like this for all to enjoy!! Hopefully it will give him some additional exposure and awareness (like this blog post!) and increase his followers.

  10. Wonderful beach art. It's amazing to me how some people can create such works such as these. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wonderful beach art. It's amazing to me how some people can create such works such as these. Thanks for sharing.

  12. That beach art is so interesting -- what a fascinating person the artist is. Wouldn't it be fun to watch him work?

    Beautiful flowers and videos too. Thank you Nora.

  13. Nora - I can see why this has inspired you and enhanced your mood. Creativity from the basic resources of our world, generosity, focus on nature - these are all qualities we need in our world today. Thanks for sharing this fantastic story!!!

  14. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hello, wow the beach art is cool. I love all the sculptures. Have a happy day!

  16. Thanks so much for each of your comments. I have tried to go to some of your blogs but I get so tired lately. I do love reading your comments and I do go and read your blogs but sometimes I do not comment as I am on my tablet and it is very difficult to comment from the tablet. So I hope to keep reading my following list and the blogs of those who comment.


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