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Saturday, July 28, 2018

July Sky Reflection Weekend

Time for a weekend posting of the sky and reflections....

My hubby took these out on a boating trip with friends the last few days when the moon was full.

So many herons at Esquimalt Lagoon above.

Poor Saxe point eagle babies.....here he is is crying for his mom and dad to bring food into the nest. There are two babies there and they can fly already but still begging for food.

The deer came running out of the bushes and snorted like a bear at me, then I realised that she had a new born baby with her so I was out of there fast.

Hello Crow!
You are so tiny but so very wonderful in every way Mr. Dragonfly above.

The adult Barred Owl looks very flirtatious below like she is being so cute for the camera. She is a star and she knows it. She knows all about posing for the camera.

We are all not perfect like this butterfly who has suffered some severe damage to her wings, but she keeps on going as best as she can. I think there is beauty in imperfection also. It shows the struggle to survive. Life is just so messy at times and imperfect. Perfection is just a judgement anyway. It is all relative. Even the air, the sun and the sky are wonderful to me, my perfection. Just to walk and be part of it all. Just to say I walked on this earth and I was here with you. We shared this time in history together all of us. I have met so many people who are not perfect to whatever standard there is, but it is in their imperfection that is their beauty and humanity.

I guess the hardest part for me it to admit is that I am not strong, I am not perfect and I fail all the time. I am scared a lot of the time and weak and I think bad thoughts and I am vulnerable to all of it. Life is a messy business and I guess it is in the acceptance of that is where I can find some comfort. We are on a journey together, a human journey to discover our way. We are all imperfect humans together celebrating our imperfections and flaws. I am not alone in this weakness and struggle.

As a child I wanted to know everything and could not wait to go out into the world from my isolated seaside village. I wanted to know where we came from, what was our purpose here, where do we go to after life runs out. I felt very sure that adults knew everything. I was positive they knew. I read every book in our little library at our tiny school to search for those who knew and for those who would tell me the true story of life.

I found some of the answers from living a very unique life but I am still on the quest to find out the answer to all those fascinating questions we have as children.

I do a video story every day about the baby owl called Woody, join me over at my Facebook Page, Island Rambles to see the story each day, along with other goofy stuff. This is Woody above inviting you to come and see his story over there. I am mostly only doing my Island Rambles Facebook Page now as it is easy and quick to do and everything is in one place. I still do my blog also.

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Thanks so much to the hosts and thanks so much to all the wonderful readers and followers of this little blog of mine. I appreciate it so much. Readers please click on the links to see wonderful blogs and photos, also click on those who comment for their photos and blogs.

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  1. Such beautiful photos! I can't believe how many herons are in your photo, usually they're alone if I spot them around here. Love the one of the butterfly with the broken wing. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful story in images.

  3. I'm always on the look-out for Barred Owls (my favorite of the owl family). Once again you have shared the beauty that surrounds you...I so enjoyed your post, with my thanks for joining us at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week!

  4. Lovely photos. It's a beautiful part of Canada! We were there visiting grandies this spring. We took a lovely day trip Friday. I cannot post the link, as you don't allow it, but do visit. We had a blast!

  5. You caught wonderful detail in your dragonfly photo! Mu favourite though has to be the crow - such a poser, and such a look you're getting ;)

  6. Uh---WOW!!!! Such amazing photos! And yes, life is a messy business, and we all have faults and failings. B ut we have to live life the best we can, and do as much good as we can while we are here. And share God's beauty...which you definitely do!

  7. Love the silhouette of the deer!

  8. Your photos are outstanding! The horned owl in your video is beautiful.

  9. Beautiful moon shots, and I really like how that owl poses for the camera!!

  10. Wonderful pictures - I like the B/W ones as well.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. Terrific photographs and post content. I followed your link here from the Skywatch Friday blog which I try to post on as frequently as possible.

  12. I want to thank you all for coming and putting in comments on my blog. I try to get to each of your blogs but sometimes it takes a while.


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