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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Poems Reflecting on My Life

Poems today are called Looking Out My Window and Searching for Meaning.  Written as  a child and teenager.

My fascination with words, just some rambling thoughts and experiences written as a teenager.  I have found my old diaries with my old poems. I am reflecting on my life at this time, I am almost finished. I am totally aware of the fragility of my life right now. I will possibly regret the personal nature of these postings. It is always hard to be so vulnerable.

Looking Out My Window

i sit quietly by here
out my window
they are selling Christmas trees
across the dark alley
all their bright lights glare
like a million chrome teeth
the rude vulgar city
is celebrating the birth
of Christ.

(I was living alone in a rooming house on a street downtown Vancouver as a teenager.)


evening star
blue bright glare
showing me
where is meaning
where is feeling
reality is hiding
got to get out
mist across the river
blue light at night shining
I was trying
to clearly visualise
it all has meaning
to no one in particular
each lost soul to behold
as their star
rushing by such a bother
to live
against the current role
I am like no other here
it seems
I am so different and
unusual from the

pondering if I did live
my life as me
will they accept me??

my sky has no laughter now
in the pretence to be

©poems by Nora Flower

(as a young teenager going through all the struggles that teens do)

Three Choices

two paths lead beyond
the city of life
one to the self
one to the ego
self is id
ego is inf1uence
you have three choices
you can struggle to self
you can sink to ego
or you can remain here
in the neutral city
of life
your way is your life.

Life is the process of unlocking all the gates on the pathway to your self.

The Monster My World

the tippy toes of my mind
tingle in sparkling vibrations
the crystal beads speak foreign words
the light fades and the rising moon
flashes silver lightning piercing
my eyes with a bloody web
my limbs
milky as clouds erupt in the burgundy
legs of a spider
a look from you and my monster is
transformed into the world

©poems by Nora Flower

A comic book dream:

A Really Bad Dream in the Hippy Years 1960s

the dream
good earth man smiles
wee spider one sneers
and tiny Tim wonderful
picks up his plastic ears
the gold chick struts
to the black cats whine
who with glazed eyes
eyes the tousled haired bird
in the thick green haze
all the doors fell open
King Knut walked inside
his feathered head caused
shrieks of comic from the pigs
and wee Tim felt less wonderful
to hear the laughter.

I wrote this at a party as a teenager hiding in a corner somewhere with my trusty notebook.  I often felt I was studying humanity as it was changing. I would sit in a corner of a coffee house or hippy health food store and write in my journal. I never really felt a part of it all or part of anything human.

©poems by Nora Flower

King Knut was a medieval king of Denmark.

I am using some of the reflection photos I made in the past.

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  1. Wow, your poems are wonderful. You are telling your story and you shouldn't regret it because other people will recognize their story in your words. I have never felt a part of things either and still spend a lot of time observing.

  2. Beautiful. I really enjoyed reading your poems, well written and so true to what you were feeling.

  3. I do love your eloquent words of life and wisdom. I can't write anything beautiful like you. I would love to be able to though. Your life seems so amazing, your love of GOD'S creations is beautiful too. I know you feel vulnerable but we love you and would never do anything to hurt you :-)

  4. Thanks so much for these lovely comments to me.


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