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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Summer Time is Here

Summer is here on Vancouver Island! It is getting hot out!

The garden is almost finished up now.

For Pink Saturday and Floral Friday flowers from the garden.

The Weekend in Black and White here from Beacon Hill Park.

Some reflections down at the dock in Oak Bay.

Spectacle Lake Reflections for Weekend Reflections.

The dock out in Sidney.

Elk Lake with the algae drape.

Elk lake with the ugly removal drape part cut off below now so it looks pretty. A picture can remove the ugly parts of life but in real life you cannot remove it so that is why I like photography. In photography you can make everything beautiful, in life you can't. Video and photography can tell the story of the dream you have and you try to make it real. You try to believe in your dreams. Sometimes the ugly part of life can't be cut off like when I crop a photo.

 Life is full of the contrast of the ugly and the beautiful and it is all about how you set up the camera in your mind. Do you set your exposure internal dialogue to it right, do you set the colour of your thoughts right. And do you shine a light so bright on all that is amazing in this unusual little fragile world. I try.

I try to set my internal thought camera on the beauty around me to show each tiny thing is part of the whole. I am trying to arrange and control my thoughts without the use of my mind and only my heart. I used to think that I was my mind and now realise that the mind is nothing but a collection of electric connectors trying to trick you.  The mind just replays old rhetoric and memories. It is not who you are. Oh perhaps I am just going through a phase as life is a continual process of evolving. As my body ages I am fully aware of its fragility. With cancer there is a process of saying a long goodbye. I have glimpses and hopes of what I will transform to and I have no fears.

The Great Horned Owl.

Woody the baby Barred Owl. For Eileen's Saturday's Critters.

One nest in Oak Bay where the Eaglet does the happy food dance.

Another nest in Oak Bay the mom glares at me over her seagull decoration.

Little deer so lovely. So lovely but not meant to live in the middle of the city so you worry about them.

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Eaglet plays with sticks 3 below

Eagle Island View 3 below

Eagle Island View 1 below

Eagles mated pair Swan Lake 2 below

Eagles mated pair Swan Lake below 1

Two Eagles Esquimalt below

Two Eagles Swan lake 2 calling below


  1. Beautiful! Lovely black and white photos, too.

  2. Beautiful images. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hello, beautiful collection of flowers. I love both the owls and the eagle. Wonderful post! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  4. I think people are swamped with videos. Don't take it to heart. Lots of my videos aren't seen much. I try to post one or two each blog post, and people view them there. I make the mistake of posting too many, and people just don't have the time.
    People are slowing down with blogging, as well!
    Me? I'm going strong. My family checks out the blog to see what I've been up to!
    I find, too, that the more people I visit, the more people who visit me.
    Keep your chin up! You have faithful fans!

  5. Beautiful photos Nora. Take care and enjoy all the wonderful summer moments.

  6. I love our comments about photography and editing. Some people get snooty to those of us who edit. Myself, I try and make the photos match what I see or how I feel or both.
    Don't worry too much about how many visits and such. You put great stuff out there and you can't worry about it.
    Blogging does seem to be on the decline. For years I posted at least once a day. Now I am lucky to get one a week. Instagram and facebook take up more of my time and more people see my Instagram posts than ever looked at my blog. I love the conversational style of a blog though.

  7. Beautifully written and wonderful pictures!

  8. I prefer to blog about the good things in life, the beauty of the city in which I live.There is too much that is ugly in this world that I don't want my blog to add to it. Your posts are full of life and the creation of new life with your wonderful videos.

  9. Your photos are excellent!
    I'll checkout some of your videos.

  10. How wonderful to read all these comments. Thanks so much.


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