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Thursday, August 02, 2018

August Summer Weekend

The peaches are ripe on our peach tree!  Yay! and in the garden.....

We still have Sweetpeas and the Lilies are all out now and they smell so good, wish I had smell ovision on the blog.

Little baby owl is doing some grooming here, getting those feathers all ready to fly!


(who are you looking at, baby owl peeks at me! and below he looks so grown up now!)

We went on the Moss Street Art Walk and I found a rose plant above like our roses.

It was too crowded at the time we went and I did not feel good as so many people were pushing and shoving.

So I quickly took a few shots and I walked on the sidewalk where there were less people.

I think I was too hot and could not take the crowds of people there, must go later or on the second day.

We went to Saxe Point and I found a bee really loaded with pollen and some nice flowers below.

 We are finding a few more butterflies around.  I like the wildflowers that they are on also.

This is my favourite place, it is a farm field that the farmer has let some of the wild flowers grow up really big on it.

More boating pictures from Ron, my hubby. He took these last week on a boating trip with friends.

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  1. great you can grow peaches in your garden like the image. Your flower adn butterflies images are great as well as the Owl Your Husband's sunsets are stunning Nora. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Gorgeous shots!

    How are you, Nora?

  3. Such a beautiful summer weekend Nora -- perfect (except for the crowds). I can't believe you still have sweet peas blooming -- wish i could be there -- I haven't seen a sweet pea in forever!! (all my daughter's spring flowers are gone byh the time we get home to Oregon... well and all our neighbors too). hugs. Thank you for sharing all the beauty of Vancouver!!!

  4. So many great photos (and videos) here! Love the shot of the farm field wildflowers. Have a great weekend!

  5. Nice shoot of the sky behind the vendor
    Coffee is on

  6. WOW!Wonderful pictures!Made my day!Hugs!

  7. Those sky shots are magnificent! As are your owl baby ... WOW!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend & thanks for linking in with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  8. The peach, flowers, baby owl, and all the other shots - wonderful!

  9. Absolutely wonderful photos! Love the owl!

  10. Thanks so much for coming and giving such nice comments to me.


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