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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

It Is Raining Eagles

It is raining eagles at Goldstream River now!

There are young ones and old ones.  "Is that your brown baby beside you mom?".  I always wonder.

The babies seem to stick close to their moms.

I wonder where they come from. What is there nest like. How far did they fly.

Do they know me. Do they remember me from some nest I go to. Do the babies remember me. What is their favourite tree.

I try to be very calm and still and to tell them it is ok. The rotting fish in the river gives a pungent smell as I sit in the bushes.

The gulls cry out in excitement.  You can hear the eagles screaming to each other. They fly over your head, some close by some far up. Some eagles are right in the river eating the fish.

I wish all the people in the park would go away and leave the eagles alone so I go to some far off place up river where I can be alone in the bush.  It is raining and raining. The eagles are all wet.  Their wings outstretched to dry. I blend into the rain and the forest scenery and sit and watch my friends the eagles.

I dream of a time when I will fly with the eagles and be one with them. Oh how I wish they could talk to me and tell me their stories. Here we all are at the eagle party, just the eagles and me.  Their shrill calls wake me from my eagle dream slumber. I walk through the mud careful not to step on the dead rotted fish and bear signs.  It is time to leave this place of wonder and head home.

I take with me the memories I have of all the eagles I have met over the years. I have watched many have nests each year and treasure meeting each of their brown curious babies that do wild and funny things.

It is a wonderful time of the year for the eagles as there is so much food in the river, there are dead fish all over. What a miracle this cycle of life is. The eagles and the gulls are the clean up crew for the fatty fish buffet laying before them. It will keep them healthy and warm for the winter.

Now  as I am older and sick, I feel even closer to this miracle. The fish return to the rivers that they were spawned in, not only to die but to feed the cycle.  They feed all the eagles, gulls and animals. Even the little dipper is happy to eat a few eggs. The seals came right up the river to pop up at my feet and to shock me as I walked along. There are bear and otters too. The trees cannot talk to me but their roots tell me how happy they are to receive all the nutrients in the soil that the fish bring to them from far out in the Pacific Ocean.  It is such a happy happy day for nature and for me!

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  1. Such an amazing sight Nora - no wonder you enjoy your rambles amongst them. Great photos indeed :D)

  2. I have just found your blog and I think that your pictures and videos of the eagles are magnificent!

  3. That was a fabulous post. I enjoyed every word and every picture. Thank you so much.

  4. Wow - that is so amazing! I'd love to see this in person.

  5. Great captures.

  6. Such a lovely series of photos - must be amazing to be there in person!
    I'm so glad you felt well enough to post this.

  7. Hello Nora. Thank you for that lovely post.

  8. Hello Nora, amazing sightings and captures of the Bald Eagles. They are awesome birds and it is great to see so many hanging out together. Wonderful post and your photos and videos are wonderful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend.

  9. Amazing to see so many at once. Great post as usual.

  10. It's wonderful to see such a large, healthy eagle population. Great photos and videos!

  11. Neat! I haven't seen wild eagles close enough to photograph -- yet.

  12. This is just wonderful Nora. You have bonded with nature and the eagles and draw strength and serenity from them . It is incredible to live where you can be close to so many of these magnificent creatures. I’m so happy to observe the one pair we have living close to us and can only imagine multiplying that joy by seeing so many Eagle families. They are such good parents. The whole cycle — nesting, hatching, rearing and launching — is so amazing to observe.

  13. Oh my gosh! Raining eagles indeed! I'd be satisfied with just a sprinkling of one!!

    Thanks so much for linking in with us at IRBB this week.

  14. Merry Christmas,Nora!Hugs!

  15. I would be in heaven style joy...oh to see that many Bald Eagles gathered together... I have only seen several together one time and that was while my husband drove along the coast in the state of Washington 6 years ago. We came around a curve and I don't remember exactly, but I want to say between 25 and 30 were in a tree and on pier posts. Your images are truly remarkable~

  16. Thanks so much for these lovely comments. I have had an eye operation and when it settled down I will be able to see your blogs and leave a comment for you also.


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