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Saturday, February 09, 2019

Why Do I Not See My Followed Pages on Facebook??

I wondered where all the pages I liked and followed went to from my Facebook news feed in the last while.You may wonder where my Island Rambles Facebook Page went to on your news feed and why it is not on your Facebook news feed if you follow me.  I found out that Facebook can no longer put your "liked" "followed" pages in your news feed as it used to do due to "fake news" or something. Facebook has a new algorithm bot.

What you can do is set up your preferences. Here is how to do it. First make sure you are always clicking comment, reply, share,  not like etc. on the pages that you like such as Island Rambles. Just clicking "like" on a post I do on my page will not work now in the new algorithm. But using a sticker or emotions in the comments works good. Next if that does not work,  it does not always work for me. You can go to your FB settings, the little triangle at the top right of your FB, click that and find "news feed preferences", click that and you can prioritise the pages you want to see in your news feed. You can always click "see first" right on the page on the "Follow" button for  my page or any page you must see.  Here are the links that tell you how: (and I have a new method that everyone is using at the end of the post)

How can I view and Adjust my News Feed

What does it mean To See First

Follow and How Do I follow a Page

This new FB algorithm that will put a page or person on your news feed only notices active interactions, which are commenting, sharing, not likes and click throughs which are passive interactions. So those pages that you put a comment on or share show up on your feed now and then.

Although the love, sad, etc. emotions rate a bit higher than just a like on the new algorithm it only notices comments, shares.  It considers comments and shares as more meaningful. FB wants people to interact with comments and shares not likes so it will only show you the pages that you comment on or share now. If your share gets comments and replies to the comments too that is even better it ranks higher then.

The only people this new Facebook Algorithm affects are the people who want to follow a certain page or pages, it does not affect any other following. It does not affect the Groups or Friends news feed.

Even if you can just put a sticker or emotion comment that will rank as a comment also and is so easy to do. Well hope this is helpful to someone and you can always use it or try it on my Island Rambles Facebook Page. I really like stickers and comments both!

I hope to start to do more blogs soon as I have been so fascinated with Facebook lately I forgot to blog!  I post at Facebook every day now. If you want to see more photos and eagles check out my Facebook page where I post all the time.

MY NEW FIX: In the end what I did to fix my problem, the fact that none of my pages showed up in my Facebook news feed anymore after their new updated system, I did this:  (many people have done this now as it is the common fix for this issue):
I went to my sidebar where it says friends and looked at the lists I had there, I had an empty one, or you could start a new list and I just started a friend list but I put on it only pages, it was all the pages that I followed.

Then I had solved the problem of not being able to see my pages that I follow in my news feed as they are all now on this list which gives me the current postings for each of them!

Also this method separates the pages I follow from my dear friends which is what I want to see first anyway. I am quite happy with this method as I can be up to date with friends postings first on top of the feed and also have my pages that I follow in a separate list I can go to anytime.

On Facebook you can see my Island Rambles Page where I post frequently. I post videos frequently on my Island Rambles YouTube Channel also. You can find me on Twitter here. My Instagram is here.



  1. How good to hear from you. I don't use FB so hadn't seen any update. Hope all is well with you.

  2. WOW! My had it twirling round hearing all that. I do link in my post to Facebook however other than that I do not use it other than replying to people who contact me. I prefer blogging

  3. Thanks so much for these comments.


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