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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Thoughts On Red-tailed Hawks

What is the purpose of these Red-tailed hawk babies in Eagles Nests? I know this sound strange. Why would there be a purpose?

I have been thinking of the whole aspect of the baby Red-tailed hawks being raised in Bald Eagles nests. Firstly, I tried to think of it as it applies to the eagles themselves but there is no way to understand or think like an eagle. What does happen is that the eagle picks up one or two hawk babies for food as it raids a nearby hawk nest but when one of the hawklets starts to peep the "feed me" call it switches to feeding it instead of eating it. The eagles are so full of feeding hormones they respond to the tiny hawk as if it is one of their own. Ok. So I thought about this when we had a young Red-tailed hawk being raised by Bald Eagles in their nest in 2017 here on Vancouver Island. We called him "Spunky" and he survived and did well.

Then in 2019 there was a baby hawk also raised by Bald Eagles in Redding, California. The baby hawklet fell from the nest somehow and did not survive. He fell from his nest and was eaten by a bear. This story is really in honor of him, he was called “Tuffy”. But this renewed my interest in the full meaning of both why it happens at all and now mostly I am interested in the way humans experience these things. I was trying to put some kind of purpose to the event on a world level. I wanted to understand humanity's reaction to this. Why are we so fascinated with this? Yes, normally Bald Eagles do not raise the food they were going to eat. I understand the confusion and how it happens but spiritually I don't understand it all yet. I wanted to know more about how these events were connecting like-minded people from all over the world.
So I started to read about the spiritual meaning of the Red-tailed hawk in native culture. Some places say that the people who would join together with the Red-tailed hawk are the Guardians of the Earth Mother. Those that gather at the nests of the Red-tailed hawk then are those individuals that are aware of how all things on earth are interconnected and those that cherish all life. The souls that gather and marvel at the life of the Red-tailed hawklet are the protectors of the Mother Earth both in their local area and the world.

The Red-tailed hawk only gets the red tail when it is mature and very wise and when a Red-tailed hawk flies to you it symbolised your gift of vision. This could be true of those who watch the events in the hawk/eagle nests then. It can also give those who truly see it the ability to see the future and to see the larger picture of the earth and the universe. So it is the symbol of awakening mankind if you choose to take this as your spirit guide and to inspire others. So I now view the baby hawklets and the eagles as the earth's way to say to humanity to wake up. It is a direct communication from Mother Earth.
I will try to move forward now in my thoughts and in my heart to allow room for me to watch and marvel at the life of the young eagles in their nests. It was a miracle to watch two nests with hawklets in them. The hawks brought us all together at these nests so we could witness amazing nature but perhaps for other reasons unknown to us now. We walk the earth together with all of nature and we experience the bond of our families and that of humanity and also the bond nature has with its young even if it is of a different species, like a Red-tailed hawk being raised by Bald Eagles. We can all move forward together as a powerful group to speak for those who cannot speak. Mother Nature has a plan and a purpose and we are all part of it you can be sure of that. We are all on her spaceship Earth together. We will either flourish or fall from our earth nest. Will we survive and nurture one another or will we fall and be eaten and devoured by our own greed?

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  1. Your post and thoughts are so profound! Wow I am in total awe Nora. With yor words and majestic photos you most certainly have given us food for thought (and perhaps a new wisdom)!

    Thanks so much for sharing tis with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  2. What A Wonderful Post And Fabulous Videos - Soar On


  3. Stunning pictures,dear Nora!Best wishes!

  4. Amazing shots and lovely information too.

  5. I enjoyed reading the post, there is an important thought. Best regards from Portugal!

  6. Great shots - it is a bit of a mystery as to why the eagle rears the hawk. Sounds like a parable!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Hello, what an amazing sight to see. The Eagle raising the Red-tailed hawk. Your photos are beautiful, awesome captures. Wishing you a happy day and week ahead!

  8. Interesting post


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