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Baby Hawk in Eagles Nest

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A baby hawk was found in an eagles nest at the end of May, 2017, in Sidney, B.C.Canada. The hawk was raised by the eagles and tenderly cared for by the mother eagle. It became a love story between the mother eagle and her baby hawk. And it was a story of survival as the hawk baby grew up with three large sibling eaglets. He grew strong and healthy and now can fly over the bay where the nest is. I tried to document the story with my little photos. Please enjoy the photos. I fell in love with the hawk and it stole my heart away. I watched it from a tiny bobble head to a beautiful young adult hawk. It helped me to survive knowing it had such a struggle. I could do it too! 
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This is an approximation of the Timeline of the hawks adventure at the eagles nest:
I think the eagles laid their eggs around March 12, but I could be  wrong.  The hawk parents on the other hand would lay eggs possibly a month later . This is probably wrong also but I think the timeline for this Roberts Bay eagle hawk nest last year with the hawk situation went like this: Eagles lay eggs March 10 - 12, Hawk egg laid approx April 10 at a Red-tailed hawk nest, April 15 - 18 Eaglets hatched out, May 12 - 15 possibly Spunky hatched out at his nest, he was seen at the eagle nest around end of  May (29th) and he fledged around June 23, then around July 10 - 18 eaglets were fledging. Then around July 28 the hawk left and the eagle family left also around that time. This is probably a little mixed up. I saw one of the eaglets around for quite a while after though and one of the parents sometime.  

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